In Rahon Se

Stranger, think long before you enter; For these corridors amuse not passing travelers. But if you enter, keep your voice to yourself; Nor should you tinkle and toll your tongue. These columns rose not, for the such as you; But for those urgent pilgrim feet that wander; On lonely ways, seeking the roots of rootless trees.

The earth has many flowery roads, choose one; That please your whim and Gods be with you. But now leave! Leave me to my dark green solitude. Which like the deep green world of the sea; Has it moving shapes, corals, ancient coins; Carved urns and ruins of ancient ships and Goddess; nd mermaids with flowing golden hair; That charms a patch of silent darkness; Into singing sunlight.

The Plot

The protagonists of this film unknowingly undertake this strange journey. Raj (Ashmit Patel), a young lad who has just graduated from an art college, seeks inspiration for his paintings from the ancient ruins of Sumera in Rajasthan. He sets out on a motorcycle with his friend Vikram (Anubhav Anand), engineering graduate, who unlike his friend sees no beauty in the dilapidated and deserted village that they visit.

Here Raj comes across the mysterious Saudamini (Tulip Joshi), an enchanting village belle who appears and disappears like a dream. She surely seems to belong to another era.Then there is a temple priest (Sachin Khedekar), who seems to know everything about Raj’s past and who assures him that his stay amidst the ruins will also be fruitful as every brick, every stone out here has interesting stories to tell. Sitting here in the beautifully lit temple amidst the ruins Raj wonders oblivious of some strange incidents lying in store for him.

His friend Vikram has even more weird experiences. He meets an aghori (Sanjay Narvekar) who shakes the daylights out of him when he makes an entire village disappear. In another eerie experience, he confronts a dead body that all of a sudden begins to talk to him. Raj feels that the temple priest he met the previous night can only solve the mystery behind these strange events. But when Raj and Vikram enters the temple, they are in for another shock. The beautifully carved and appropriately lit temple of the previous night has changed into a dark ruined structure, which looks like it had been deserted since ages! There is no trace of the priest or of the mysterious Saudamini.

How could the temple have changed over night? Did Saudamini and the priest really exist? Or were they just illusions? Was it the Aghori that Vikram met, who was behind all this? Will the search for the mysterious Saudamini provide the answers that Raj and Vikram are seeking?

To know the answers, watch In Rahon Se……

Cast & Crew

Producer: Ravindra Singh

Directed by: Amol Shetge, Ravindra Singh

Cast: Ashmit Patel, Tulip Joshi, Anubhav Anand, Sachin khedekar, Sanjay Narwekar

Directors Note

For me this is a film that explores characters at a deeper level, visiting the deep recesses of the human mind. The unknown unseen places that one talks about are nothing but hirethro unexplored places of the human mind. For example, the cold interior of an ancient templeamidst the scorching heat of the desert in Rajasthan, is a strong symbol of the inner calm that one seeks in all one’s life..

For the viewer, In Rahon Se, is certainly a journey worth undertaking – a journey beyond space and time…

Producers Note

I think of dew drops when i think of freshness. I think of the rising sun when i think of newness. and I feel them at the same time when i think of In Rahon Se’s music. I am dedicating my years of hard work and research on music to indian cinema with this movie.

With its strong storyline, the movie will take the audience on a journey in time, reflecting various aspects of the human mind, which we are yet to fully explore. Keeping today’s well informed audience in mind, R-vision has not left any stone unturned in bringing quality entertainment to Indian Audiences and this movie will certainly win the hearts of one and all.